Here’s a dose of inspiration from Mark Helprin, in the Wall Street Journal:

Skip The Paris Cafés and Get a Good Pen

In his article, Helprin discusses the creative process, and how it is less romantic and more work-oriented than we often like to think.

When I was (regrettably) involved in a direct sales organization some time ago, one of the few positive lessons I learned is that in any system you have the “lovers” — people who just love being involved but don’t involve themselves. These are the types that can recite historical trivia related to their chosen pursuit, but don’t work towards an objective in that pursuit. For musicians, these are gearheads that don’t practice, or composers that fail to shake themselves out of the role of philosopher and transition into the role of a doer. Helprin’s example is the “tech weenie” — a mountain climber that is “weighed down with $10,000’s worth of equipment.”

Whether you are sitting at a kitchen table with black manuscript and a number 2 pencil, or facing the display of a high-end MacBook Pro running Logic Studio, create something! Even if you spend your next few hours fruitlessly brainstorming, or building something up only to tear it down in frustration, you are taking steps that you will certainly have to take sometime, whether that time is now or later.

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