If You’re Interested in Taking Lessons

I offer private guitar instruction at all levels, and beginning bass and banjo lessons. You can view my instructor profile at TakeLessons.com, and contact me through that site with questions.

Although I am based near Madison, Wisconsin, I can deliver lessons via Skype or other forms of video chat.

Why Take Private Lessons?

With the abundance free learning resources online via YouTube and other sites, what do you gain by investing in private instruction?

First, there is no substitute for personal feedback. Having a professional assess your performance and progress and work with you on a plan for improvement gives you an advantage over the self-taught. I know that the most motivated students are likely capable of self-instruction; I was very much self-taught until I entered college. But even the self-motivated can accelerate their progress by having someone more experienced present to help keep them on track.

When you study alone, you lack an outlet for performance. Practicing duets with an instructor, or playing in an instructor-led small ensemble gives you a chance to experience the pressures and rewards of playing with others and for others. Recitals are also valuable for helping students grow accustomed to playing live, and for putting deadlines on the preparation of repertoire.

Private instruction is also a social outlet. You get to spend time with someone else who shares your passion, and trade ideas about your craft.

I do not consider online resources as competition, but as tools. I often use videos and tablature found on the web in my lessons, where they become part of a more comprehensive program.

If you cannot access lessons with me, I encourage you to find an instructor near you who shares these principles. Ask a potential teacher what performance opportunities they can offer, and how they use online resources in their curriculum.