Practice Journal: Arpeggiating Dominant 7th Chords Through the Circle

I was working on ways of practicing arpeggios through moving harmonies, and came up with this drill.  It uses three different arpeggio patterns, based on the e-form, a-form, and c-form fingerings. Some reversals of direction enable each arpeggio to fit neatly within a 16-note framework.

I have provided fingerings for the first four chords in the sequence, to show how the three-chord pattern loops. Follow this sequence all the way to the G7 chord at the 15th fret, which marks the completion of a full cycle of 4ths.

Circle of 5ths Arps


For an extra challenge, reverse the sequence, starting at the G7 at XV, then through 5ths: D7, A7, etc. on downward to your starting point.

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