In Memoriam: Sir George Martin

Today, we lost a Beatle. As brilliant as the four official members were, we hold their work in such high regard largely because of George Martin’s contributions. He involved himself with their creative process, introducing them to new sounds and helping transform raw songs into aural masterpieces.

George Martin with Paul and Ringo

Martin not only captured the Beatles’ magic on tape; he demonstrated a genuine interest and support.

Fans need not be reminded of the many instances in which Martin had a direct hand in the creation of the Beatles’ finest musical moments. I will only mention my favorite: In splicing two different versions of “Strawberry Fields Forever,” he solved a creative dilemma, and heightened the song’s psychedelic splendor. This among many other reasons is why I consider this to be my favorite song ever recorded.

There is no surprise in losing someone at the age of 90, but we mourn nonetheless for the world’s deprivation of an artist whose impact on the world has been only positive.

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