JFRG Update: Section One of Six Complete

The first three lectures of my upcoming Udemy course, Jazz for the Rock Guitarist, have been completed and uploaded. They comprise the introductory section of the course, and their titles are “Who is This Course For?”, “Why Learn Jazz?”, and “Getting the Most From This Course.”

I have also finished scripting the two lectures which make up the second section, titled “The Jazz Sound.” These lectures are “What Distinguishes the Jazz Style?” and “Jazz Tone and Gear.”

So far, the course content has covered broad concepts regarding the differences between jazz and rock. Now, I am scripting the eight episodes contained in section three, “Chord Construction.” In this part of the course, students will learn to construct all chords using the a- and e-forms in the CAGED system. I will post an update with lecture titles when this section is ready for production.

This course will be released when all content is complete. Stay tuned for updates.

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