New Solo Release: “Landslide”

I’ve been a Fleetwood Mac fan since I was 8 years old and digging for treasure in my father’s record collection. This selection might risk being over-hyped, yet for a reason. It’s simply brilliant. It’s also one of the songs for which my wife and I share a love, so this project is very much in tribute to her.

Arranging a song that already uses intricate fingerstyle accompaniment to also include the vocal part was easy; it was the performance that took more practice than usual. I still wince at some of the errors that inevitably found their way into the performance, but I reached a point at which I figured it had to be considered ready, warts and all. Perhaps they lend the recording a more “human” feel.

Go here for links to the various platforms that host the song; and if you like it, please support an independent artist by purchasing a copy of your own.

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